Wednesday, 11 April 2012

"The Emperor of Physics"

This is another drawing for a contest I entered, it's goal is to generate at random a card name that mixes Tarot with Sci-Fi..

The on I got this time that I liked "The Emperor of Physics"...

If you draw "The Emperor of Physics" alone, it means you will rule over science and nature... If you draw it together with other arcane cards, means that... well... they don't mean too much, closer to the "Chuck Norris of science"...


Contest page:
Generator: Science Fiction Tarot Card Generator


  1. Eae Mario!!!
    Muito bacana o blog!!! Parabens!!!Estarei acompanhando!!!

    1. Valeu André! Seu blog também é massa!! Vc é um artista muito talentoso cara!! Abraços!